Motorclassica 2017

Here in Melbourne we are very lucky to have such amazing architecture, historic buildings and motoring history and culture. This weekend was the seventh edition of  Motorclassica, this amazing event all of which have been held at the Melbourne Exhibition Building   which has an amazing history it self! I went to the inaugural show in 2010 but for a number of reasons have not been able to return until this year! Since my previous visit this event has grown and matured to a very high standard of car quality and presentation. For me these events are a good opportunity to see old friends and this was no exception!

As can be seen Motorclassica now extends to the outside courtyard as well as the main building and related events across Melbourne. The actual building is worth visiting alone for its history, architecture and ornate decoration it is no wonder it has World Heritage listing!

There were cars of all eras and types including prototypes and concept cars from the 1970’s. The two very notable were from Holden being the Hurricane and Torana GTR-X

Other features of the Motorclassica were interviews with Motorsport legends Allan Moffat, John Harvey, Colin Bond and Jim Richards as well as other motor industry personalities. The Saturday evening auction is always a highlight and this year there were some very interesting cars, motorcycles and scale models and various items offered, the highlight was the Jaguar D Type!

This year was also a celebration of the 70 years of Ferrari! There were some very rare and valuable models to see, from Daytonas, F40’s, F50’s(Enzos), 264 Dinos, and nearly every model produced through the past 70 years! The film that was running traced Enzo and the Ferrari Marque’s history. It featured all the Grand Prix cars and drivers it was so good to walk through this rich history!

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There were so many amazing cars and displays to be seen it is hard to comment fairly on each but some of them were the partially restored E Type Jaguar which was just beyond belief, the various Lamboghinis, Aston Martins, Lancias, Alfa Romeos, even a Monteverdi they were just fabulous! It was a kid in a lolly shop situation in many ways everywhere you looked was something special. Upstairs there was a display of historic Speedway cars, a 250F Maserati originally driven by Sir Stirling Moss! I will let the following pictures tell the story!

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  1. 1 lorelopes
    October 15, 2017 at 11:49 pm

    Such a great post and very well written! Awesome cars and building! I’m sure you have a fantastic day!

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