A weekend escape just down the road

I am sorry to have neglected this blog but life has been very busy and after many months of not being on here it is about time I did something!  I will continue with the series of Race Tracks I Have Driven, more from the different places we go and things we do, also from Spyder Automobiles which has been keeping me away from here in recent times.

A couple of weeks ago Lorena and I went for a camping weekend to Yarra Junction after it was postponed from the first week in March due to Bush fires blocking roads and causing much destruction along their path. Many of you who have read this before would know of Jinks Creek Winery, it was a casualty of these fires but that is subject for another post!

Yarra Junction is just 1 hour West of Warragul and a quiet and wonderful little place nestled on the edge of the Yarra Valley! Mostly it is one of those places you pass through to get somewhere. There is however an absolute must see just out of Yarra Junction on the way to Warburton and that is the Blue Lotus gardens it  is a very well thought and laid with picnic tables and cafes, well maintained grounds and path It was such a surprise after initially seeing the nursery on the outside walking into the gardens was like stepping into another world almost!


The other place of interest well worth a visit is the American Redwood Forest at East Warburton it was planted in the 1930’s as an experiment to see how these trees would adapt and from what I saw I would say very well!


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1 Response to “A weekend escape just down the road”

  1. 1 lorelopes
    April 2, 2019 at 9:41 pm

    It was so good! Loved this weekend dear! 😘

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