A few of the couple of hundred photos we took over the weekend!

Scroll over the photos for a brief description – enjoy!

Sweet Cortina MK 1 in the pits

The Glenn Seton Capri no signage at all

The very quick Seton Capri engine

Bo Seton on right with his Capri which broke on Friday and failed to start for the weekend

Tidy engine bay in an E49 Charger

The E49 carries the autograph of Leo Geoghegan

and Norm Beechey great days indeed

Tiny Brabham Speedcar on display how did they drive these things

A little history of the Brabham Speedcar

Hudson Special on display

The awesome Goss tribute car

Simply gorgeous pair of Matichs on display

Bob Jane adds an inscription in a book for Brian Sampson who is looking on

The ex Alan Jones Beatrice Lola Hart

Ferrari 156

Engine in the Ferrari 156

Benetton BMW B186 F1

Factory Works RS2600 originally piloted by Hans Stuck and Jochen Mass

RS2600 power

the 917 30 goes out on a demo lap in the hands of Jim Richards

Lola T430 the old Teddy Pilette Team VDS car

Reminiscent of great days gone by

McLaren M23 001 note the name in tribute to the great Denny Hulme

Gurney Eagle driven by Judy Lyons

The most valuable XU1 with the A9X in the background RIP Peter Brock King of the Mountain

Simply beautiful Alfa Tipo B P3 entered by Peter Giddings

Alfa type 33 cockpit

Me between Bruce and Alan

The 917 30 is a big car

Usual view for the opposition in its heyday

Business end of the 917 30

The little power sliding giant killer

The little 1600 Lotus Escort engine

Billy with his poster in front of one of his favored cars for the weekend

The Bargwanna brothers pit of Alf and Harry

Sunoco 917 30 ex Mark Donahue car driven by Jim Richards at a fairly sedate pace

John Goss or Mr Anger Wheels as Billy calls him


1 Response to “Phillip Island Historic Motor Races photos”

  1. 1 Chuck Miller
    April 15, 2008 at 6:01 am

    GREAT pics Lisa !!!!

    Love the Escort, and the #2 ’73 Capri….



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