Easter in Hobart

It had been a long time since going away for more than 2 days at a time and just as long since I had flown! I had never been to Hobart before the closest I had been was Symmons Plains Raceway near Launceston but that was in 1986. During that visit there was not much sight seeing done at all! Lorena and I booked an Airbnb for Easter and had a lot planned to do and places to visit we managed most but not all.



Our home for the time was interesting as it was a straw bale construction which had been rendered giving it an interesting look form outside but it was very comfortable inside as can be seen! The location was at Cremorne about 20 mins from Hobart a quiet coastal village and a very easy trip to Hobart. Arriving Thursday afternoon  we collected the hire car and set off on our adventure! First stop was to find the house then go shopping and finally settle in for the night!

Day 1 Good Friday

The intention was to go to Wineglass Bay on day 1 but sleeping in put a stop on that as it is 3 hours north! So instead it was off to Mt Wellington and Hobart, Mt wellington being the first stop what a fabulous place, it is so quiet, flat on top and the views are amazing! We had a coffee and cake at the Springs on the way down from the summit and then to Hobart and Salamanca we missed the market but even so it is a wonderful area to visit. Exploring the docks we found a fantastic Asian Restaurant where we ate a couple of times each time was outside with amazing views of the foreshore.


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Day 2 Saturday

This was the day to venture north to Wineglass Bay it is a 3 hour drive which roughly follows the coast sometimes very close to the water and at others inland. It is a good drive mainly easy going through a variety of scenery. Finally arriving at the visitors centre we discover the entire area is filled with walking tracks and camp sites. The walk to the look out to view Wineglass bay has 1000 steps and is a constant climb  this is a decent walk in it self and the walk to Wineglass bay beach is a further 3 hours return. We had left too late to do that so we had to be content with the look out and light house, regardless it was a fabulous day!!


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Day 3 Sunday

Port Arthur was the second biggest priority after Wineglass Bay for us! What an amazing place so full of history and stories! Not only was it a history lesson for Lorena but me as well, I learnt so much from this visit! The prison site in total is 100 acres plus 2 islands, one of these was the cemetery and the other the boys prison. Your ticket to enter covers your entry for the day you purchase the ticket and the following day that is how much there is to see there! Given that it is not bad value at all.


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The drive to Port Arthur takes nearly 1 hour and winds through many different and varied settings, it is spectacular in places open and forested in others, but an easy run! As with most of the places we went, the roads are fun to drive regardless of where you go in Tasmania.

Day 4 Monday   

Our last day! We spent this around Hobart revisiting some areas and went to the Botanical Gardens which are 200 years old! Quite an interesting place it is too with 2 brick walls each are almost as old as the gardens themselves, the gardens are just next to Government House situated on the main road into Hobart. There are many themed gardens in total and one section that was very interesting was the artic plant building it is a large refrigerator basically and has many Sub Antarctic plants in there to build the atmosphere they have recordings of the animals from the region so it takes you to the Antarctic, or as much a s it can! To finish off our stay we did a cruise around the harbour which went past many historical sites! The final pic below is the last time leaving the property where we stayed!


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  1. 1 lorelopes
    May 5, 2019 at 9:15 am

    How good! Love it! It was a fantastic weekend! 😘

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