Post Lock Down Drive November 2020

Noojee Trestle bridge was our last stop as the full group

Well Victoria and in particular Melbourne had a big dose of Covid 19 during the middle of this year. This had the effect of crippling most activities in that part of Victoria although the rural areas were not so affected thankfully! Our drive was the 15th of November, the first Sunday of freedom! Starting with a BBQ Breakfast at Spyder Automobiles at 8.00am then we were on our way for the 150km adventure. We travelled through open and sweeping roads, narrow, tight and twisty roller coaster styled roads and main secondary roads!

Our Group comprised of 9 cars and 11 people a selection of Porsches, Lotus, BMW, 2 x Xr5’s a and a supercharged Commodore! The biggest issue any of us had was rain, which made life a little less comfortable in the Lotus 7 with no roof and a tiny aero screen! The route we used had been new in the main but covered some roads from last year, this time we went the opposite direction though giving it a totally different feel. The weather was really quite good with about 10 minutes of rain which was annoying more than anything.

Looking forward to the next drive / event everyone who attended had a great morning and we finished at 12.30 so the afternoon was left available for people to do other things! Our aim is to make these drive events fun, safe and enjoyable social gatherings combined with an appreciation of our cars!


Spyder Automobiles Open Morning

Here is the memory of 8 years ago when we moved into our current location, there has been a lot happen since then! We have grown and reinvented ourselves to suit the times and varying changes in the world! Here is to the future what ever it may bring!

via Spyder Automobiles Open Morning



Friends of Spyder drive February 2020

I must apologize for being a bit quiet on here but there has been such a lot going on at home and at Spyder Automobiles! Friends of Spyder has been doing well and growing all the time, the workshop is getting more and more busy and the work load much more consistent!20200120_131651

Friends of Spyder Drive

Our February drive, this was the first for the year and something a little different to what we would normally do. Our drive took us through many different weather and traffic conditions as we passed the Lang Lang Showgrounds which had a huge Show and Shine car show and the traffic there was like peak hour! Along our way we had the odd spots of traffic but in the main it was good, the weather on the other hand was windy wet and blustery in places, happily though most of the trip was clear.

A break at Drouin, then we continued on our way to Neerim South through Jindivick and some really fun roads and great scenery! One disappointment for the day was the SD card in the GoPro failed as we fitted it to the car so no video this time! Hopefully next time!

We arrived at Garage Gallery http://www.garagegallery.com.au/where-and-when/ to a warm welcome from Eric Irvine and his wife and a fantastic morning tea with sweets, cakes and drinks they were wonderful hosts and Eric’s artwork is brilliant, after spending an hour or so with them we headed off back to Spyder Automobiles via the scenic route, for a BBQ and refreshments. This had been probably one of our shortest drives that only covered approximately 130 Km but that was the plan to kick the year off, something a little different and relaxed! All those who attended seemed to have a fun time and that was the aim!
Until next time!

Thanks to Ian (Niko) for many of the photos on here


Breakfast Club July 2019


This was the first Breakfast Club I have been to in quite some time and what a day to attend! The winter wind Gods were out in force along with some rain and very chilly temperatures therefore the diehard Breakfast Clubbers were the only ones in attendance! Having said that there was about 40 cars and their associated people either with the cars or chasing some heat or hot drinks in close-by cafe’s!

I took a clients car, a 1986 3.2 Carrera, which is available for sale to make it public. It is a good solid car that drives well and has cruise control, custom front spoiler and 17″fuchs replica wheels.

There were some interesting cars there as well such as the Fiat X-19 race car, the JPS 635 CSI replica a very nice XW Falcon station wagon! Hopefully next time will be in better conditions and we will have more to see!



Racetracks I have driven Chapter 6 Amaroo Park

Amaroo Park was or is situated at Annangrove 45 min northeast of Sydney as with Oran Park it is now a housing estate! These two circuits were the mainstay of Motorsport in New South Wales and particularly the greater Sydney area for almost 40 years. Amaroo was probably the first Australian racetrack to have an industrial park or estate attached to it, it was built in an area similar to a quarry in that you entered the main gate and passed the offices and went down the steep driveway to the pit area and track


The Amaroo complex had many different uses as a racetrack, the road course which was 1.2 miles or 1.9 kms long, the original site, which was a Hillclimb, a short circuit dirt track, a flat track dirt speedway, a motocross track then finally in February 1967 the sealed circuit mentioned was opened! A history of the track is available here Amaroo Park History  The bitumen track of 1.9 kms is what I drove during the 1980’s. It was an awesome place that had no runoff areas to speak of, it was unforgiving, scary and incredibly rewarding when driven correctly!


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During the 1980’s Amaroo Park was a hub of activity and the club that ran and promoted it was the Australian Racing Drivers Club (ARDC) the same that ran the Bathurst 1000. If you intended competing at the Bathurst 1000 you almost had to run at Amaroo Park to show what you could do! Times were very different to now, where to compete at Bathurst the only way to do that was to secure a drive in the 1000 kms race itself, in recent years there are many more race meetings there and many more categories again racing at the hallowed Mountain! There have been a few occasions in recent years where people have said to me about having the opportunity to compete at Bathurst and how it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity, well yes it probably was and for many still is but compared to how it was, these days it is just a matter of committing to go up there! Then you had to prove yourself then get the invitation to co-drive with someone or buy a drive either with a team or in your own car, either way it would be in the 1000 Km endurance race!
For me Amaroo was like Winton, it was tight and twisty with fast sections, technically demanding but it also went up and down hill! My first few laps I clearly remember it being daunting, thrilling and a total sense of excitement, it was my first interstate race meeting!! I had spoken to many friends who had raced there and watched many telecasts from there as well, but it barely prepared me for what I discovered at Amaroo Park.


My driving impressions……..
To enter the track, you would enter from near the control tower which was located above pitlane which led directly onto the uphill straight, almost on the bend at the beginning of Bitupave hill! Bitupave Hill was a steep climb with a right hand sweeping curve that was taken flat out this led to the blind LH sweeper at the crest of the hill which was taken in my car almost flat in 4th gear drifting with the inside front wheel off the ground and the rear wheel barely contacting the road surface! The moment you had the car settled it was hard on the brakes and back to 2nd gear for the sharp downhill RH bend, this section was very bad in the late afternoon as the sun would be just at the crest making your approach almost totally blind! The sharp right hander opened out into a downhill righthand sweeper that was almost straight which led into Honda which was a fast slightly downhill sweeper the was taken flat and using all the road including the ripple strip on the exit. Continuing the downhill run until the road almost levelled off where you had a very sharp LH hairpin using all the road it was a matter of just touch the curb on the inside and run right out to the ripple strip on the outside. From here you made you way to the left side of the track to enter one of the few places where you could pass under brakes into the stop / go corner this was a very exciting corner as you would be driving directly into a concrete wall, the track was quite flat on the approach and favorably cambered on the very entrance, mid corner though it went to off camber and tried to send you into the wall!! A short straight followed where, you ran along the wall to the pit entry which was almost where you needed to turn into the next and final corner. The camber on the road was flat with a tall curb on the inside, which you needed to use to straighten the corner as you turned into the main straight! The key to this corner was to exit it, parallel to the Armco barrier separating the track from pit lane, when executed correctly you would almost brush the fence, but as you got closer to it you could feel a cushion of air buffet you away! Back onto the main straight it was keep changing gears and hold it flat to the top of the hill. On a flying lap going through the uphill sweeper it felt like you bottomed out the seat as you were pushed down hard into it!! Amaroo was fast or at least for it’s length, demanding , rewarding and finally unforgiving! Have a look at these videos to get a better idea of the track or relive memories!

John Surtees on 2 wheels at Amaroo Park

1985 Amscar series

1988 Amaroo P1988 Amaroo Park Triple header


Amaroo Park had been host to every form of racing from motorcycles and cars of every category that raced domestically in Australia, Historic race meetings were a regular feature attracting such famous people as Sir Stirling Moss and Mike Hailwood both pictured, Sterling in the garage immediately above and Mike Hailwood on his bike further up the page. It was the home of the home of the Castrol 6 hour bike race also the 300 Km touring car race and so much more!


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