Well Targa is done and dusted for another year and what an event it was!
We had almost everything thrown at us from brilliant sunshine, to rain, almost impassable mud, flooding, roadside snow, and a cow!
The roads varied from long and staight to very tight and twisty, with surfaces that were just as diverse! Some of these roads were used as models for roller coasters I am sure they were like I have never seen before!
I met so many great people and forged many friendships and met many people that i have spoken to by phone or been in contact with via email.
The photos on this link are from two of those people Lee and Gaby Fishpaw, Lee took the static photos and Gaby the ones on the run from inside the car. Thank you both for allowing me to use these great shots!


I am still sorting out my own photos so they will be here in time.

I must also thank Chuck Miller for allowing me to stay with him for the time I was there, being my tour guide, having me do Targa with him, and letting me drive his car at Button Willow Raceway! It was very appreciated.
I would also like to thank Dave Bouzaglou from TRE Motorsports who was in his words the main disorganizer of the event.
some video from youtube

You must remember these are all LHD cars when watching the vidoes

Yes we had all conditions to deal with.

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