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Lakes Entrance in June.


After a few busy weeks it was really great to get away and relax somewhere different! I hadn’t been to Lakes Entrance for a long time and Lorena had never gone any further East than Morwell. So she was in for an adventure as we were staying at Lake Tyres and camping on Queens Birthday long weekend. The forecast was good with little chance of rain and mid to high teens for top temperatures.

We arrived Saturday afternoon and set up camp then looked around Lakes Entrance having dinner and walking along the foreshore. There had been a Hot Rod display before we arrived and many of them were parked in the street and in the area for the weekend! More on them later!


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The intention was to do a lakes cruise on the Monday after going to Buchan Caves on Sunday but we missed on the cruise so that will need to wait. The trip home was punctuated with a picnic at the Port of Sale, which was very nice and relaxing!



Sal’s Safari and more!

The 20th May was to be the inaugural drive for a Porsche group we are members of! Instead of leaving at a silly time in the very early morning the decision was taken to go to  Hanging Rock, Woodend and Lancefield the day before to show Lorena the area. I hadn’t been to Hanging Rock for such a long time in any case. We had found a great Airbnb place just over the road from Hanging Rock reserve. We had a look around Woodend and the rock on the Saturday which was such a good adventure to explore the infamous rock!


The real surprise came Saturday night which was so clear and gave an amazing view of the sky and Milky Way it was so spectacular! I had never seen it so clearly before, it was a shame the camera struggled to get a good picture of it!

Sunday was a great day touring from Woodend to Pyalong and back to Lancefield through some really good driving roads, dirt roads and almost farmers tracks! Given all this the roads were all smooth with some minor exceptions. The fun levels was huge though and we are all looking forward to the next one!




May 2018 Breakfast Club


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The morning welcomed visitors with a cool damp and foggy day which quickly cleared to be a fine but overcast morning. The attendance numbers were lower than normal being Mothers Day and less than ideal conditions. Regardless, there were still a good number of people and cars across the 2 hours of the gathering, the usual variety was there and some very interesting cars and characters. The variety of cars was really diverse from a Ferrari to Leyland Minis and almost everything in between, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Ford, GM, Mazda, Fiat, Bugatti and more! The variety never ceases to amaze me along with the people, of all ages and backgrounds, that creates the atmosphere and great conversation!

      June 10 is the next Breakfast Club hopefully we will see you there!


Weekend at Point Lonsdale

Originally it was to be a Saturday with my Aunt and then a concert at Geelong featuring some of the stars of the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s! Featured artists were The Black Sorrows, Richard Clapton, Daryl Braithwaite, and John Farnham. As the weekend got closer the weather was changing and by Sunday the wind blew up to the point of the show being cancelled due to the very high winds and safety concerns!

After a great night spent with Beth, Lorena and I actually managed to sleep in, to discover the show was cancelled. This left us with an afternoon of me showing Lorena Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale, I hadn’t been there for a few years but knew my way around there well!

While both Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale have change they have retained their character and charm, particularly Queenscliff which has so many historic buildings. The point Lonsdale lighthouse was a favourite as a kid and is still a great place to visit!


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This was the first time Lorena had seen this area and she was very keen to revisit soon, I must admit I really enjoyed looking around here again and spending time with Aunt Beth Saturday and Sue and Roger Sunday! It was a very nice change to have consecutive weekends not working! I’m looking forward to having weekends away exploring different areas and camping when possible!



Philip Island Historic Races 2018

Well the 2018 Philip Island Historic race meeting has been and gone! The year of 2018 is marching on and has started running! PhotoGrid_1520992308310.jpg

This was as usual a fabulous weekend with great racing, amazing cars, and old friends!  This also marked the arrival of Lorena from Brazil and her first race meeting, she had attended, what a start to motorsport! The bug has really bitten her more than it already had now! This was also the first public appearance of the Spyder Automobiles polo shirts, which were well accepted!

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The feature category was F5000 which was celebrating 50 years quite a feat for a class which has been almost unchanged in that time and has faced extinction many times during those years! It is such a great thing they have survived the test of time


These were just a couple of the significant cars racing, the Elfin James Hunt drove at the Rose City meeting at Winton and the Lotus F5000 one of only 8 built!


Lorena took most of these pics, she is so good at that! I must thank her for that! As usual it was a time of catching up with old friends they were many and varied but all as important in one way or another!


Breakfast Club February 2018

Sunday 11th February was the second breakfast Club of 2018 we were greeted with a cool morning and clear skies. The day quickly warmed up to make it a very comfortable day for coffee and conversation of which there was plenty! We were treated to some interesting and different attendees the first was a teardrop caravan and the second a Group1 Mk2 RS2000!

The Escort was for me probably the pic of the day as it had all the group 1 racing options in it and was just beautiful in presentation and originality! Where as the caravan was very cool and it is amazing how well packaged everything is in these little mobile homes!Classic teardrop Campers manufacture these well made units, that are well worth a look if you are interested in retro or compact camper vans.

The usual selection of Jaguars, BMW’s, Mercedes Benz’s, Lotus, various Classic Motor Bikes, MG’s, were there plus a Simca Vidette, and a group of various Mazda MX-5’s not to mention the local and USA muscle cars including a pink Thunderbird, that was a lot of pale pink!  In earlier days of Breakfast Club, we would get a lot of cars produced in the 1950’s and 1960’s, now, there are less of those and more from the 1980’s and newer! Again the numbers were very good and around the 140 mark which has become the standard which is fantastic and people from across Gippsland and the suburbs of Melbourne

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January Breakfast Club 2018

Warragul Breakfast Club enters it’s tenth year in 2018 and it keeps getting bigger and better every year! From humble beginnings of 20 or 30 cars and a few street parking bays it has grown to half the local shopping centre car park and up to 150 cars of almost every make and most models. We have seen many replicas of particular models, rare originals, hot rods and some very unique cars as well! During the path of it’s history many Car Clubs have used it as a destination, halfway point or starting point for club drives and a meeting point for various events!  Such Clubs have been for Vintage and Veteran, Sports, Classic, and individual Marque dedicated Clubs!  This is not only about the cars but it is also a social event, where people of all backgrounds and persuasions come together to discuss their cars or the various ones on display! There are many cafes and coffee shops open to service the attending public as well so the catering is well taken care of!

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January 2018 was not different there was a full carpark with approximately 140 cars and as can be seen in the photos vastly different makes and models were represented! The parking arrangements are not allocated so you can have anything parked next to anything which really makes it easy to look at the displayed cars. We had a cool start to the day but it was clear and developed into a mild and sunny morning. As this was the first time for the year it was good to see people I usually only see at these gatherings! A couple of the more notable or interesting cars from today were these featured below, the Bugatti type 35, a Mini Marcos, and the Austin A90 six complete with overdrive!


Sadly cars that will probably no attend again will be the cars owned by Graham Longmore who passed away yesterday 13th January! These include the Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo Gulietta and  DBS, D Type replica and Devaraux shown below.

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