Breakfast Club February 2018

Sunday 11th February was the second breakfast Club of 2018 we were greeted with a cool morning and clear skies. The day quickly warmed up to make it a very comfortable day for coffee and conversation of which there was plenty! We were treated to some interesting and different attendees the first was a teardrop caravan and the second a Group1 Mk2 RS2000!

The Escort was for me probably the pic of the day as it had all the group 1 racing options in it and was just beautiful in presentation and originality! Where as the caravan was very cool and it is amazing how well packaged everything is in these little mobile homes!Classic teardrop Campers manufacture these well made units, that are well worth a look if you are interested in retro or compact camper vans.

The usual selection of Jaguars, BMW’s, Mercedes Benz’s, Lotus, various Classic Motor Bikes, MG’s, were there plus a Simca Vidette, and a group of various Mazda MX-5’s not to mention the local and USA muscle cars including a pink Thunderbird, that was a lot of pale pink!Ā  In earlier days of Breakfast Club, we would get a lot of cars produced in the 1950’s and 1960’s, now, there are less of those and more from the 1980’s and newer! Again the numbers were very good and around the 140 mark which has become the standard which is fantastic and people from across Gippsland and the suburbs of Melbourne

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