January Breakfast Club 2018

Warragul Breakfast Club enters it’s tenth year in 2018 and it keeps getting bigger and better every year! From humble beginnings of 20 or 30 cars and a few street parking bays it has grown to half the local shopping centre car park and up to 150 cars of almost every make and most models. We have seen many replicas of particular models, rare originals, hot rods and some very unique cars as well! During the path of it’s history many Car Clubs have used it as a destination, halfway point or starting point for club drives and a meeting point for various events!  Such Clubs have been for Vintage and Veteran, Sports, Classic, and individual Marque dedicated Clubs!  This is not only about the cars but it is also a social event, where people of all backgrounds and persuasions come together to discuss their cars or the various ones on display! There are many cafes and coffee shops open to service the attending public as well so the catering is well taken care of!

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January 2018 was not different there was a full carpark with approximately 140 cars and as can be seen in the photos vastly different makes and models were represented! The parking arrangements are not allocated so you can have anything parked next to anything which really makes it easy to look at the displayed cars. We had a cool start to the day but it was clear and developed into a mild and sunny morning. As this was the first time for the year it was good to see people I usually only see at these gatherings! A couple of the more notable or interesting cars from today were these featured below, the Bugatti type 35, a Mini Marcos, and the Austin A90 six complete with overdrive!


Sadly cars that will probably no attend again will be the cars owned by Graham Longmore who passed away yesterday 13th January! These include the Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo Gulietta and  DBS, D Type replica and Devaraux shown below.

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