Reminiscing about old friends, Sandown Park

I have thought about writing about the racetracks I have driven, so this will be a prelude to those and Sandown will be the first! My inspiration for starting with Sandown is for my Birthday ( which is next week) Tom, Charlotte and Billy bought me an entry to a drive day/ sprint event at Sandown. I hadn’t driven here since about 2000 maybe 2001? I have been very keen to drive there again as the plans or rumours are that it has a short life before it is sold for housing. This to me is terribly sad, as it is to many who have competed there or spectated alike!

Today was run by Vivid Motorsport who did a very good job given they had some incidents and a couple small hick ups! The way these events are run and organised has changed so much since I begun in motorsport, it used to be that you joined a Car Club and did that Clubs events and the events they were invited to. Now individual bodies are running events as a business venture!

We had an early start to the day arriving at Sandown at about 7.30 am even after the drive to Springvale I was not really awake! After booking in and the usual scrutiny checks we were ready to start. I was in a group that my car was out classed by nearly all others, I am sure the 325i has done more Kms than almost every other so as usual it was a case of do what I could! As it had been so long since either being at Sandown or even driving on a racetrack it was a case of building up to it. After 1 session of 10 mins it almost all came back to me, however going over the top of the hill at the end of the back straight took some time to do it like I used to, flat out! Or at least until you start to go down the hill at the access road! My first couple of laps were a bit emotional such was the connection I have with this track! She is a bit like an old girlfriend a love, hate thing! Over the day we became good friends again and respect was found and the joy of it was so good! One of the great things during the day was they had passenger sessions and the last one Billy was lucky enough to borrow a helmet so he could do that session in the passengers seat with me! He had never been on a racetrack with me Tom had been around Winton with me many years ago so he was keen to hear Billy’s comments which echoed Tom’s from his time on track! Yes I was trying look at the tyre pic below!


1 Response to “Reminiscing about old friends, Sandown Park”

  1. 1 lorelopes
    October 2, 2017 at 12:22 am

    Reading that you can see how strong is your connection with Motorsport. The way you described the track show that was much more than an ordinary day for you! It was a special day and you enjoyed come back there! Well done! I’m very happy for that!

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