Four years of Billy’s Karting

This month is 4 years since Billy started his journey into the world of Motor Sport.   In that time he has learnt a lot and grown in so many ways! It has been a great experience for him, and has given me the opportunity to have further involvement, in this crazy but wonderful sport! The sport of thinking as quoted by BMW years ago!

See the fantastic collage and time line here Billy’s four years of Karting this was compiled by LLS Webs as usual Lorena did an awesome job!

Together we have had so much fun and disappointment but in all a great time! We have raced together this returned me to racing even if it was for a short time, I just don’t get the time or opportunity these days!

Looking forward to the future events we hope to increase his competitiveness and generally be able to compete at a high standard and level! Billy has a good ability, but sadly the same problem I had, a lack of funding which is so often the case! I am sure he will do as much as he can, as well as he can!

If anyone reading this would be in the position to support Billy’s racing efforts we have a great record of promoting our Partners through Spyder Racing, the newsletter Spyder Racing Newsletter the Facebook Site. If you like even subscribe to the newsletter and got your own copy direct off the press! We can also be contacted here Spyder Racing email

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