Light Car Club of Australia Reunion July 2017

This was a reunion for members, competitors, volunteers, and friends of the Light Car Club and Sandown International Raceway. The attendance was very good and beyond the initial expectation to the point of having to book a larger room! There was a large table in the middle of the room, filled with memorabilia of all sorts, but mainly programs and magazines. Then on a multitude of screens around the room were videos and slideshows playing throughout the afternoon. It was so good to see some of the old videos and photos of racing and rallying that spanned the 60 year life of the club! There was even video of the original circuit being made in 1962, then the WEC or GP Circuit upgrade in 1984.   Apart from racing the Light Car Club ran some of the biggest and highest profile Rallies in Australia during that time!

For me it was great to see a lot of people from the late 1970’s and 1980’s when I competed there beginning in 1979. My time spent there was, in the main good, even if my maiden meeting destroyed my first race car. That was a Cortina Mk1 GT, how I wish I had that now! I have so many great memories of Sandown and the meetings at the Club Rooms in Roy st  South Melbourne. For me the day the extension was started to build the Grand Prix standard track was bitter sweet. Here is some history of Sandown and more see the different Layouts  used at Sandown.

The original track was unforgiving but very rewarding if you got it right, get it wrong and it would bite you hard! That was where the Tasman series was run here in Melbourne,  with a competitors list  including Graham Hill, Jim Clarke, Jackie Stewart, Jochen Rindt, Jack Brabham, Chris Amon along with all our stars at the time such as Kevin Bartlett, Frank Matich, Frank Gardner, Spencer Martin, Leo Geoghegan, John Harvey and on the list goes! This was a series of the who’s who of the time! Here is a link to the first Tasman Series in 1964 with links to following years Tasman Series.

The people in attendance included many officials and competitors from racing and rallying, some nation champions and some who spent many years competing at that level! Russell Stuckey has been a Dunlop tyre supplier for what seems like ever, he told me 45 years which is a lifetime! Many other very interesting people like Bob Watson, Rohan Harman, Ron Simmonds and Angus Black and so many more were there to make the day what is was. Finally a huge thanks to David and Margaret Hardy who during the years I competed at Sandown were the administration of the Club, they also organised the day!  Only a couple of the photos were mine other were taken by either Ron Simmonds or the incomparable Ian Smith who has been photographing Motor Racing for as long as most of us can remember! Thank you all for a fantastic afternoon!



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    July 24, 2017 at 11:16 pm

    Love it!

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